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About Angels of Paradis Media Agency

Our founder began as a full time content creator back in 2019. Him and his partner were able to get to .02% of the top creators on the platform seeing as high as over $150,000 per month! After unforeseen events, Daijon and his ex-partner went separate ways with the business but he decided to stick with it as a manager. With limited resources but a plethora of knowledge, he was able to pave a way to success for him and his fortunate models within a short period of time! Thus the creation of Angels of paradis! We models all over the world we have everything you need to help you maximize your potential and growth.


Your benefits working with us together

5+ years of experience

You don`t have to read disturbing messages or look at dicks more free time or more time to look after additional income streams


24/7 support

More money with our longstanding experience and strategies


Managed over 50+ models

Client obsession - your success is our success - so we will everything in our possibilities to make you even more successfull.

Two sexy girls in black underwear.

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