‘AI Women’ Won’t Harm OnlyFans’ Star Since Fans Want To See Her In Particular

Laura Lux is not concerned that AI-generated raunchy images of women will take away her business since people subscribe to see her.

An OnlyFans star denied claims that AI images of “hot, naked women” would affect the platform’s economy.

Over 2 million followers on Instagram own Laura Lux, who went on a Twitter tirade on Monday (January 30) as she explained why real-life women will always dominate OnlyFans.

According to Lux, anyone who thinks AI-generated images of hot naked women will ruin the OnlyFans economy for real women misunderstands what OnlyFans is.

“My Fans don’t subscribe to my OnlyFans because they want to see a random naked woman; they subscribe because they want to see ME naked based on a parasocial connection formed by following me on other social media platforms.”

Building a community of fans has resulted in success for content creators who built a legion of fans prior to OnlyFans.

In her words: “OnlyFans is most successful for those who have achieved success elsewhere first. You get subscriber’s on OnlyFans when they say ‘oh wow I have followed this girl on twitter for 4 years and now I get to see her p*ssy???? Sign me up.’”

Additionally, she noted that AI-generated images would never be as interesting as real women and their bodies.

“No matter how ‘perfect’ or conventionally attractive the AI image is, it will never be as interesting as those belonging to a girl I subscribe to on YouTube,” she tweeted.

Lux’s outburst online ruffled some feathers as she said she received personal messages from “angry people” following her outburst.

She said: “This spread faster than I expected, and now I’ve got angry people in my Direct Messages saying I abuse and manipulate men lmao

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